Town considers tax deferment for federal workers

Federal employees affected by the recent partial government shutdown may be eligible for an extension of up to 60 days on their property taxes, according to a proposal First Selectman Vicki Tesoro has sent to the Town Council.
The state passed the Municipal Tax Deferment Program for federal employees impacted by the government shutdown in January, allowing municipalities to establish a program to defer the due date of specific property taxes owed by affected employees. This program allows federal employees affected by the federal government shutdown to defer the payment of taxes on real property, personal property or motor vehicles, or water or sewer rates, charges or assessments, owed to the town.
“Some federal employees have found themselves in financial difficulties due to the government shutdown,” Tesoro said. “This initiative will provide some relief to Trumbull residents who are qualified federal employees.”
A qualified federal employee is a federal employee who, during the shutdown, is both a resident of Trumbull and is a federal employee required to work without pay or is furloughed without pay.
The town will not charge or collect interest on any municipal tax that is payable by an affected employee. Each tax deferred under the program will be due and payable without interest or penalty not later than 60 days after the date on which an individual is no longer an affected employee.
Eligibility for the deferment program will be determined by the town. Evidence of eligibility may include such proof as a paystub or bank statement, an identification card, the federal tax identification number of the employee’s employer, and a sworn affidavit from the employee indicating that the employee is currently a federal employee residing in the town and is required to work as a federal employee without pay or furloughed without pay.
“Even though this shutdown is over, Trumbull’s Municipal Tax Deferment Program will still provide relief by allowing any affected resident sixty days after the date on which that person is no longer an affected employee to pay their taxes due to the Town of Trumbull,” Tesoro said.