Town clerk’s letter was inappropriate

As a town resident, I was dismayed and alarmed to read a factually inaccurate and inappropriate letter to the editor from our Town Clerk, Suzanne Burr Monaco. In addition to being completely detached from the truth, the tone of the letter is utterly beneath the office that Ms. Monaco holds. Ms. Monaco is an elected official entrusted with serious responsibility for the town. That position is there to serve town residents, not a platform to act as a partisan spokesperson.
It should also be noted that the increase in developments Ms. Monaco laments in her letter were made possible by our former First Selectman Tim Herbst and approved by a Republican-led planning and zoning commission. Our current First Selectman, Vicki Tesoro, has worked hard to reduce the number of apartments and ensure the town's priorities come first. To assign some sort of blame on her is completely unfair and is only being done due to the upcoming municipal election this year. First Selectman Tesoro also just proposed and supported a moratorium on future developments that passed the Planning & Zoning Commission, which even if it came months earlier, wouldn't have stopped the current developments Monaco references.
During our last municipal election, residents overwhelmingly voted for a new era in Trumbull politics, one that rejected the nasty ways of the past and embraced respect and working together for the common good. The Tesoro Administration has lived up to those ideals. It's high time that every elected official in Town Hall followed that example.
Debbie Kroszner, member
Trumbull Democratic Town Committee