Thornton — Tim Herbst is being Tim Herbst ... again

Trumbull Town Council Minority Leader Mary Beth Thornton has released the following statement in response to First Selectman Tim Herbst's comments regarding the July 20 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting:

Here we go again, Tim Herbst is being Tim Herbst.  How dare he accuse me of lies.  I, and Trumbull Democrats believe in transparency.  We believe in being honest and acting in the best interest of our neighbors and this great town of Trumbull.  I will not stand by and allow these mistruths be discussed without first starting with the truth.

The truth is much of the key information has come out after our original meeting, which was held in Executive Session in Council Chambers. The truth is we now know that the neighbors were not informed of these discussions.  The truth is at least one home owner feels they are being intimidated to sell when they are uncomfortable in doing so.

I would like to go into further detail of what was discussed in this particular meeting, but it was done in executive session which means we are legally bound to never publicly discuss what has been stated.  I anticipate Mr.Herbst will be issuing an apology shortly for revealing executive session information.