Thornton: Democrats hold police in highest regard

Town Council Minority Leader Mary Beth Thornton responds to First Selectman Tim Herbst's demand that the Trumbull Democrats apologize to the Trumbull police.

The Trumbull Democratic Town Committee holds the Trumbull Police Department, led by Chief Michael Lombardo, in the highest regard. We understand that the recent issues involving the Trumbull Police Commission are being connected to the police department by our First Selectman, which is politics at its worst. We have called out the First Selectman on his lack of transparency, his disparate treatment of individuals holding public office and his handling of the issues. The public should know that the individuals who are appointed to the Police Commission are there as appointments by the First Selectman. It is yet another attempt at avoiding the real issues, avoiding the fact that this is not a political issue at all, it is a question of morality and ethics. We believe that those who hold public office should be held to a higher standard and set an example. The Trumbull Democrats will continue to uphold this standard and will continue to support our fine Police Department.