Tesoro will run again

Vicki Tesoro
Vicki Tesoro

Longtime community activist Vicki Tesoro on Tuesday announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for first selectman, declaring that she’ll lead the town based on a simple concept — “We’re better together” — and calling for consensus and compromise on difficult issues. She previously sought the office in 2015, losing to three-term incumbent Tim Herbst by about 400 votes out of more than 10,000 ballots cast.

Tesoro made the announcement at the Cast Iron Chop House before about 200 supporters. She promised to “lead with a clear vision and an open mind, with transparency and civility, and surrounded by people who put the community first, not their political affiliation.”

“Our present town government does not reflect the true spirit of our Trumbull, that is, people living together and striving for a better community,” she said. “Our government has lost its way. At times it seems determined to mimic the worst behaviors of the schoolyard, not to mention our national politics.”

Tesoro vowed to run a positive, forward-looking campaign, and said she would not sway from the path of civility.

“Our campaign will be issue oriented, fact driven, free of animosity, silly mailers and personal attacks,” she said. “I urge any other candidates to follow my lead and join me in this pledge.”

Tesoro is a veteran of the Town Council and the Board of Finance, and her community activities include volunteering for teen drug and alcohol prevention and educational volunteering through the town PTA.

If elected, Tesoro said, she would work to eliminate unnecessary legal fees, prohibit long-term, six-figure contracts for senior municipal employees, reject park fees, reject new trash pickup fees, expand language and AP classes in the schools, and implement a 10-year plan for school building renovations.

“Every child, not just our best and brightest, deserves to be challenged,” she said. “Every child must be given the opportunity to reach their potential.”

In addition, she would advocate a return to the seven equal Town Council districts for the 21 members, rather than the current four districts, with one district 20% larger than the other three.

Democrats also announced Tuesday that Mary Markham would be running for town clerk, and incumbent Town Treasurer Anthony Musto would also seek another term.

“Together, we will be meeting Trumbull [residents] to discuss our vision for the future of this town,” Tesoro said. “Together, we will work hard for all Trumbull residents.”