Trumbull Democratic First Selectman candidate Vicki Tesoro has presented a comprehensive plan for sustained economic development in Trumbull.

“My Democratic team will forge a new era of growth through smart and sensitive development and preservation of Trumbull’s heritage and character, building on the decisions that visionary Trumbull leaders made in decades past,” Tesoro said. “We cannot wait until 2025; we need a plan for 2015. Our tax rate has increased every year for the last six years, and two of our largest employers left Trumbull this year to do business in a neighboring town. We need to focus on meaningful commercial growth in our grand list.”

Tesoro noted new shopping centers in town, and that a medical building approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission is now operational on Quarry Road. But she said there is much to be done on the basis of the following economic development priorities:

  • Maximize the development of Trumbull’s Corporate Park, a nonresidential area with high potential for true economic growth.

  • Work with the owners to revitalize Trumbull Center.

  • Promote our town as a destination for high-value, low-impact industries such as bioscience, green technology, and digital media in partnership with regional growth opportunities.

  • Implement the 2014 Plan of Conservation and Development, including a river walk in Trumbull Center, expansion of sidewalks, and walkable development patterns near Town Hall, Trumbull Center, and Long Hill Green.

  • Embrace a regional development approach and connect to the strengths and economic activity generated by nearby strong infrastructure of hospitals and universities.

  • Increase the business uses of the Lindeman Drive industrial area to allow more business development without harming neighborhoods. For example, Tesoro said, building height could be increased on the north side of Lindeman Drive, which abuts the Merritt Parkway.

  • Find creative ways of partnering with landlords to modernize existing structures.

  • Encourage and support the development of small businesses.

“Trumbull is an attractive location for business, and there are many things we can do without changing the character of the town or adding congestion,” Tesoro said. “We just have to build on the best traditions of development here, but not be stuck in models that no longer work.”