Tesoro: Our politics should reflect the best of our town

To the Editor:

My name is Vicki Tesoro and I am running for the Office of First Selectman. I am a resident of Trumbull for nearly 25 years, a graduate of UConn, and I hold a Masters Degree in Taxation from PACE University. I have been married to my husband Tom for 30 years and have two daughters, both are graduates of Trumbull High School. I am a 20 year town volunteer and have won many awards for my service.

Under my leadership we will have both an efficient, cost effective government, and a government that respects all its citizens.

I am running because we need change in Trumbull. Our politics are coarse and we are losing the small Town feel of our beautiful community. We can have a well-managed Town without the drama and rancor. Our politics should reflect the best of our Town, not the worst of Washington. Every resident of our town should be valued, no one group should be a priority to the exclusion of another.

My team reflects my philosophy. I have Democrats, unaffiliated voters and former Republicans on my team. They are all independent thinkers ready to serve our community and their diverse backgrounds will serve our community well.

Make no mistake; Trumbull cannot afford high tax increases. We are in fierce competition with neighboring communities for new residents and businesses. High tax increases will make us uncompetitive and we all will suffer.

I humbly ask for your vote for the entire Democratic Team on Nov. 3.

Vicki Tesoro,

Candidate for First Selectman