Sutherland will challenge Rutigliano

In a unanimous vote, the Trumbull Democrats selected Doug Sutherland as the party candidate for the 123rd State Representative seat last week at the Helen Plumb building.

Sutherland will challenge first term incumbent Dave Rutigliano in November’s election.

“I am honored and humbled by this endorsement,” Sutherland said. “Together we can win this race and make sure Trumbull residents have a seat at the table when important decisions are being made in Hartford.

Sutherland, who is active in the local party, was elected treasurer of the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee in March.

“Over time, I have seen confidence erode in what our government can do and I find this to be very disappointing,” he said. “Government is not the answer to every problem, but can be a force for good in people’s lives. Working in partnership with the private sector, we can accomplish incredible things for our citizens.”

Sutherland evoked memories of John F. Kennedy and the challenge to beat the Soviets to the moon — including the many spectacular setbacks along the way,

as he explained how that commitment motivated him to a career as an engineer.

“However, I don’t recall anyone saying we should stop trying, that government can’t do this, that we should leave this for the private sector – they can do everything better.”

Sutherland said he believes openness in government must be a priority.

“We must demand transparency and accountability in our state government,” he said. “Town residents will have a voice in what’s going on in Hartford. I will reach out to residents, not just at election time, but throughout the year.”