Stern Village closed out 2018 with some positive momentum, as the senior housing complex secured more funding for upgrades last week. Eversource Energy contributed $500,000 to the Trumbull Housing Authority through the state Housing Tax Credit Contribution Program. The program gives businesses an opportunity to invest in nonprofit housing programs by buying tax credits and applying them to their corporate taxes.

Stern Village Executive Director Harriet Polansky said the $500,000, added to the $5.3 million Small Cities grant the complex received earlier in the year, would go a long way toward addressing the village’s needs.

“Things are really rocking and rolling here,” she said. “We’ve never gotten this kind of influx of funding before.”

Polansky compared the condition of Stern Village to that of a homeowner who had deferred maintenance on his own home for 40 years.

“If you do that, your house falls apart,” she said. “But we’re determined. We’ll keep working.”

The bulk of the $500,000 allotment will go toward remodeling the independent living apartments in the village, Polansky said.

“We’ll start with the units that are vacant: Replacing the appliances, replacing bathtubs with showers, remodeling cabinets, redoing floors,” she said. “With 186 units, this is going to be a multi-year project, but we’ll get started going in and doing as much as we can.”

The remodeling work should begin in the spring, at about the same time as the previously scheduled upgrades to the window and door replacement and wastewater management being done as part of the Small Cities grant, Polansky said.

“In the spring, things are going to start rocking and rolling here,” she said.