Senior Center kitchen will reopen, thanks to state money

The kitchen in Trumbull’s Senior Center will reopen, thanks to funding secured by Senator Anthony Musto (D-Trumbull). The newly renovated kitchen and snack bar will serve hot, healthy lunches to hungry seniors and visitors to the Trumbull Senior Center, according to Musto.

“These kitchen upgrades will allow for convenient access to healthy meals for our community’s seniors,” said Sen. Musto. “The Trumbull Senior Center is a great resource, providing social opportunities as well as guidance in areas ranging from healthcare access to using technology to keep in touch with one’s family. It was a great disappointment for all of us to see the kitchen closed a few years ago, and I am happy that we were able to work together to ensure that it will reopen soon.”

“I worked diligently alongside Sen. Musto to advocate for the seniors of Trumbull,” said Rep. Rutigliano (R-Trumbull). “My hope is that this money will allow them to repair their kitchen facilities, bringing them up to code for safety, and that our older population will get full use of their center once again.”

Three years ago Senator Musto began working with the Trumbull Senior Center to secure state funding to allow for repairs to the kitchen. It was determined that the Center needed to make several renovations in order to meet health code, which will be possible thanks to the $150,000 in state bonding.

“It is really important for seniors to have a place to gather, socialize, and enjoy a nutritious meal,” said Rachel Yahwak, Chairperson of the Trumbull Senior Commission. “We are very thankful for the work done to make this renovation possible.”

The funding announced Friday will allow for numerous repairs, including the installation of a new three base sink, a freezer/refrigerator, and a stove. All appliances will meet the same National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards required of restaurants. New shelving and flooring will also be installed, amongst other improvements.

The bonding for the Trumbull Senior Center will be on the agenda for the State Bond Commission meeting on Friday, July 25 and is expected to be approved with the support of Governor Dannel P. Malloy.