Rutigliano & Devlin back bill promoting manufacturing careers

State Reps. Laura Devlin (R-134) and David Rutigliano (R-123) hailed passage of a proposal which aims to better educate parents, guidance counselors and students about the exciting and advantageous careers in modern manufacturing.

Rutigliano said, “This proposal encourages the exposure of students to the manufacturing sector. There are strong metric results that substantiate the value of these programs. The world of manufacturing has changed, we are not talking smokestacks here; these are skilled positions that need to be filled”

Devlin said, “This legislation creates a dependable pipeline of skilled talent to fill precision and advanced manufacturing jobs. We should continue to foster the growth of manufacturing in our state.”

The bill, which was recently passed unanimously by the House of Representatives, seeks to re-introduce the manufacturing industry to middle-school and high school students through a hands-on, authentic industry experience.

The bill, which has the backing of the business community, aims to meet the needs of employers, create new middle class jobs in greater Fairfield County, and grow Connecticut's economy.  It awaits a vote in the State Senate.

More information:  http://cgalites/2016/FC/2016HB-05423-R000353-FC.htm