To the Editor:

There was a letter from my Republican colleague in the past that was a harbinger of what Trumbull voters can expect. In November of 2015, First Selectman Tim Herbst tried to bridge the political divide in our town, only to be met with empty rhetoric and false promises. Trumbull Democrats never submitted an alternate budget and in fact have never met with the first selectman to propose or suggest any town initiatives. The most recent Letter to the Editor from Fred Garrity proves that the Trumbull Democrats try to sway public opinion by providing false, inaccurate information that leads to public hysteria and confusion for Trumbull voters on what is a positive opportunity for Trumbull.

Trumbull Republicans have led the fight for fiscal responsibility and under the leadership of First Selectman Herbst and Board of Finance Chairman Elaine Hammers passed a budget that resulted in the first decrease in the mill rate for many years. Education in Trumbull has remained a priority while fully funding the superintendent’s proposed budget; initiatives from the Republican-controlled Board of Education such as additional advanced placement courses at THS, better SAT preparation and reduction of pay-to-participate have been part of the fabric of positive changes. While many try to tear our school system down for political benefit, the quality of our district and the improvement of our test scores in many areas proves that we are moving in the right direction.

Vitriol and political grandstanding for the sake of public sympathy are now the hallmarks for the Trumbull Democrat Party. Illegally placed Democrat campaign signs have already started to litter various streets in town. Council Democrats all sat in special Town Council meeting and were all enthusiastic about a town land acquistion of property to enhance the municipal campus. Instead of meeting with the first selectman and Economic Development Director Rina Bakalar for clarification, a flyer with false information was published by a prominent Trumbull Democrat that did nothing but further the misunderstanding.

As the election in November draws closer, I strongly encourage anyone who receives a phone call or a visit to their door from a Trumbull Democrat to ask them: “What Town improvements have you proposed or supported by working in conjunction with the first selectman’s office? The answer will be “none.” The Trumbull Republican Party will continue its mission to bring fiscal responsibility and continued success for the Trumbull education system. We will continue to encourage sound economic development which has led to an increase in the grand list and a decrease in the burden to taxpayers.

Trumbull voters deserve to continue to have the success of the town recognized by many outside organizations and I ask that anyone interested in truly helping Trumbull to continue to thrive and succeed, contact me and follow me as Trumbull Republicans take to the phones and people’s doors this election asking for your support. Trumbull Republicans are grateful and honored for having earned the trust of Trumbull voters and will continue to lead by example.

Councilman Jack Testani (R-1), chairman

Trumbull Republicans