Elaine Hammers, chairman of the town’s finance board, has been selected by Republican delegates to run as the candidate for the 22nd State Senate district that includes a part of Bridgeport, Monroe and all of Trumbull.

Hammers served for a single term representing Trumbull in the state’s House of Representatives in the 1990’s and she has given much of her free time to her community on various boards.

“People are desperate for better times and opportunity,” said Hammers in a press release Thursday. “Whether you live in a city or suburb, these policies from Hartford have to stop and be replaced by ideas that work – for everyone.”

Hammers said the problems facing Connecticut’s economy are quite simple — the administration of Gov. Malloy and Democrat lawmakers adopt budgets and policies that take too much revenue out of the private economy through regulation and record taxes.

“These policies — endorsed and supported by Sen. Moore have failed everyone,” said Hammers. “It’s about math — if you punish people who work, save, spend or invest, no one benefits, except government.”

Hammers said the disparity in education funding is an example of how incumbent Sen. Marilyn Moore hasn’t defended the interests of Bridgeport students and parents. She cited that Hartford gets significantly more funding from the Democrat legislature than Bridgeport schools when the need is just as great.

“Bridgeport property owners and businesses send their money to Hartford, but it doesn’t come back to the children of Bridgeport,” said Hammers. “Bridgeport’s children have a right to a quality education, too.”

Hammers has served as Trumbull’s Director of Finance from 1999-2002 and has served as chairman of the Finance Board since 2010. She has served on the state Board of Labor Relations and the town’s Civil Service Board and the state Affordable Housing Study Commission.

She is the Business Manager for Hammers Imaging, LLC. since 2005. Hammers received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Marymount College, a Master of Arts in Personnel Management from Columbia University,

A resident of Trumbull resident for 32 years, she and her husband of 43 years, Lynwood, have two children who attended Trumbull public schools and one grandchild.