Planning board considers zone amendment

Trumbull’s Planning and Zoning Commission is exploring potential changes to the town’s Age Restricted Housing Zone.

Last Wednesday, the commission was presented with a proposed zoning amendment that would allow senior housing within .5 miles of another complex, if the development is within .25 miles of a shopping center.

Town Planner Jamie Bratt said the amendment would affect a limited number of properties near Trumbull Center and the shopping center area near Town Hall.

The petitioner, David. S. Bjorklund Jr. PE, who manages a civil engineering and site planning business, said that under the current zoning regulations for age-restricted housing, only one parcel remains for development. Bjorklund asserted that building housing closer to shopping centers would allow for a village feel, discussed in the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development.

Many residents, particularly those who live near Daniels Farm Road, spoke against the amendment. Some argued that the area near Trumbull Center that could be developed was not safe for many seniors to walk and the area already has plenty of housing. Others worried about a more congested Daniels Farm Road and preserving open space.

Many commissioners agreed the current Age Restricted Housing Zone should be updated but said there were too many details that needed to be considered. The commission voted to deny the amendment without prejudice, so staff could explore the current regulations and find potential solutions that would allow for future development.