For the first time since 2015, Trumbull residents will be able to swim at Beach Park’s pool on Memorial Day weekend, according to First Selectman Vicki Tesoro and Superintendent of Parks and Recreation Dmitri Paris. Repairs to the pool’s liner, which has been an ongoing problem for the past three years, have been completed, Paris said.

“I supervised the removal of the previous liner, the repairs, and the installation of the new one,” Paris said. “I think the quality of workmanship is excellent and I’m confident this liner will last the full life expectancy.”

Tesoro said the town was able to acquire state grant money to pay for nearly half the cost of the repairs.

“The job was done on time, done correctly, and came in under budget,” she said. “I’m pleased Trumbull residents can enjoy Beach Pool for years to come knowing that the repairs were done correctly.”

Beach Pool will open Saturday, May 26, from noon to 6 p.m. The hours will remain the same until the school year is complete, at which point Tashua Pool will also open and summer hours will begin.

The town pool has been plagued with problems that frustrated residents and officials. Last year the pool did not open until July because of problems with the liner that had been replaced just the year before. After the season, town officials gave up on repairing the 18-month-old liner and solicited bids to replace it.

“It is simply unacceptable that we need to replace the Beach Pool liner less than two years after the last liner was installed,” Tesoro said in February, just a few weeks after taking office. “It is clear to me, the liner was not installed correctly. I’m sure the people of Trumbull will be frustrated to hear this news, but I can assure everyone that the job will be done correctly this time. The priority is to get the pool open on Memorial Day weekend.”

The problems with the Beach Park pool began in 2016 when the town contracted with an Indianapolis-based company to replace the liner. Former Parks and Recreation Director Stuart McCarthy said the pool’s size and irregular shape mandated the hiring of a specialized company. The same company had originally installed the heavy PVC liner at Beach and Tashua pools, and McCarthy said its dealings with the town had been positive.

But it was apparent in May 2016 that the new liner would require additional work, and the pool opened late in both 2016 and 2017.

Following the late opening in 2016, the installer was supposed to repair the work during the off-season. But company workers did not show up on time, and that, combined with poor weather and what McCarthy termed “less than responsive” company management, kept the pool closed weeks past its planned 2017 opening.