Mark's campaign manager defends votes

The following is a response to First Selectman Timothy Herbst's comments made in a story regarding candidate Martha Jankovic-Mark's plans to address sewer issues.

I am surprised that First Selectman Herbst would come out swinging so quickly without considering even for a second the reasons behind why one would vote “yay” or “nay” on any single vote. Councilwoman Jankovic-Mark did in fact vote against the audit of Contract 3 (Jog Hill). Why? Because the price of the audit was too high.

At the Town Council meeting, during the approval process to fund the audit for Jog Hill, the Town Council received receipts of the auditors' expenditures and Councilwoman Jankovic-Mark deemed these expenditures to be excessive. The auditors had been staying at expensive rooms at the Trumbull Marriott and the food bills which had been submitted included meals for those not covered in the contract, including town employees. Upon questioning why more reasonable accommodations had not been made, the Councilwoman felt that insufficient answers had been given, so Councilwoman Jankovic-Mark voted against funding the audit for that amount.

Councilwoman Jankovic-Mark was also against the Trumbull High School renovation audit because the Town Council did not initiate the audit, the First Selectman did. The proper procedure was not followed. There are difference kinds of audits, the Board of Finance has internal audit powers, whereas the Town Council (under Ch. 2 Sec 10 of the Town Charter) has the power to initiate outside audits, for instance forensic reviews. The Executive Branch powers (Ch. 3 Sec 2H) confers on the First Selectman such powers that are not inconsistent with this charter. The First Selectman should set a good example for everyone by following our charter.

In 2009 all members on the Town Council voted for the sewer project with the exception of Councilwoman Jankovic-Mark. She abstained on the vote for the project itself and voted against funding it through bonding because it was not a fiscally responsible decision.

You and your town attorney's are involved in sewer negotiations; you take the responsibility. Councilwoman Jankovic-Mark is not Ray Baldwin, you are not running against him this year. Take responsibility Mr. First Selectman.

Francesca Capodilupo

Campaign Manager

Martha Jankovic-Mark for First Selectman