Library to open on Sunday year-round

When the Trumbull Library surveyed more than 400 library patrons last year, the one thing that became abundantly clear was that residents wanted year-round access to the library seven days a week.
Those people are about to get their wish, according to Library Director Stefan Lyhne-Nielsen. On Tuesday Lyhne-Nielsen announced the library would begin opening on Sunday year-round. Currently Sunday hours extend from September to May, so the first extended Sunday opening will be June 2.
“The feedback we got was tht people want expanded hours during the summer,” Lyhne-Nielsen said. “We’re only talking about another 10 Sundays a year, but it makes a pretty big difference to people.”
Lyhne-Nielsen said Sundays traditionally are the busiest days of the week at the library, despite the fact that it is open just four hours, from 1 to 4 p.m. And, despite the fact that many items are available for download at the library website, nearly 85% of library use are people coming to the building and borrowing a book.
“Trumbull is a town that really values its library,” he said.