Letter: Zoning uproar in lower Main Street neighborhood

To the Editor:

Planning and Zoning has a hot potato in the Mega Medical Arts building Dr. Raul Anand would like to build on two house lots on lower Main Street below and across from the mall.

The developer, Dr. Anand and Trumbull’s First Selectman, Timothy Herbst have both made statements holding town residents hostage with the “threat” of getting moderate income housing, if they don’t knuckle under the medical arts building proposal.

Dr. Anand was quoted, in Friday’s Post, as saying, if unsuccessful “we will be approaching the state of Connecticut for affordable housing on this site.”

First Selectman Timothy Herbst is quoted in the same Post article saying, “I’ve seen this before and it does not end well. They’ll get something there they don’t want” and “I can guarantee the residents of the area would not want 20-30 units of affordable housing on that corner.”

Slandering people who live in “moderate housing” is a disservice to those who, unfortunately, fall victims of the economic disaster that hit the country in 2008 and which shows no signs of relief for the vast majority of citizens. It is most unfortunate that the first selectman holds such disdain for publicly assisted housing, resorting to bullying the public to get his own political agenda across. If the first selectman values a commercial development there, as being the best use for the town let him say so and state the facts underlying his backing. Petulant expressions which denigrate town residents, have no place in the manner of speaking by town leaders and is unacceptable.

The need for low-income elderly and disabled housing facilities and for moderate multifamily housing in Trumbull continues to rise, according to the U. S. Census Bureau. Whether state or federally financed, public housing in Trumbull is not the bogey man that politicians and others make it out to be. Witness Stern Village and the housing development on White Plains Road and Beardsley Parkway, for example. Both have respectable law abiding residents.
Paul G. Littlefield