Letter — Why the about-face on referendum?

As a Trumbull taxpayer for approximately 25 years, I, too, am disappointed and troubled about the facts provided in Joe Pifko's informative and eye opening letter to the editor that appeared in the August 9 Trumbull Times.

Why would this administration's Town Council entertain a resolution to disband the Trumbull Community Center's town-approved committee regarding a feasibility study without following through on a much-needed and promised town referendum? In the November 2017 Town election for first selectman, then-candidate Vicki Tesoro stated in many of these committee meetings, "The people should have their say." Why the about-face?

The 2015 Town Council approved, by a 17-1 majority, an appropriation of $175,000 of taxpayer funds to do the required feasibility study and design of a much-discussed need of a Community Center.

Two and a half years later, after 57 committee meetings, 20+ personal visits to other town and city community centers, and countless public forums to help educate our citizens on the pluses and minuses of a town community center, this dedicated and hard working committee believed, as did Trumbull's citizens, that this issue would go to a town referendum.

Since such an enormous amount of time and money, as well as educational energy, went into this issue. Why is this administration attempting to entertain a resolution to disband the Trumbull Community Center study? It's certainly perplexing to say the least.

Has our First Selectman Vicki Tesoro forgotten her campaign promises of "the people should have their say?”

Let us, the town's faithful taxpayers, have the chance to decide. Do we want a community center, yes or no? Let's not make this a political issue please. As Republicans, Democrats, and independents, we need to have our voices heard on this issue.

Lastly many heartfelt thanks from this taxpayer and many others in Trumbull to Committee Chairman Joe Pifko and his loyal, hard working members for their efforts to educate us regarding the Community Center. Great job and many thanks.

Mary Moran, finance chairman

Trumbull Republicans


Editor’s note — This letter was dated August 19 but was never published due to an email miscommunication.