To the Editor:

Trumbull Republicans on the Town Council appear to be following the Shakespearean mantra "they dost protest too much."

In last week's Trumbull Times, three Republicans (Costantini, Caron and Block) all stated that the Town Council's approval of Ted Chase as the new alternate to the Board of Finance was non-partisan because Mr. Chase was an unaffiliated voter.

Why is it so hard for three elected Town Council representatives to tell the Trumbull Times' readers that the day after the Town Council meeting, Mr. Chase registered as a Republican?  The next day! Why can't these Republicans tell your readers that later in the week, Mr. Chase was endorsed by Trumbull Republicans for a seat on the Trumbull Republican Town Committee (TRTC)?  This is the official organization to promote the interests of the local party, and it is, BY DEFINITION, the most partisan local organization that there is.

This issue is no longer simply a matter of who was approved as an alternate on the Board of Finance.  It's much more important for Trumbull voters to know the facts, and they are not getting the whole story in last week's letters from Republicans in the Trumbull Times. Mr. Chase is a registered Republican, and has been endorsed for a seat on the Trumbull Republican Town Committee (TRTC). Now, the public knows the entire story.
Tom Kelly,
Chair, Trumbull Democrats