Letter: Why July 22 matters

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, July 22, the voters of Trumbull will be faced with a very important decision. That decision is to ensure that Republican Bill Haberlin is elected, in the special election, to keep his Board of Finance seat. Bill was appointed by First Selectman Tim Herbst to fill the vacancy on the Board. The Trumbull Democrats petitioned for a special election, a decision that will cost the Trumbull taxpayers over $22,000.

Bill Haberlin is the right choice for the Board of Finance. As a fiscally conservative Republican, he has voted and will continue to vote for stable and reasonable tax increases, working hard to maintain the delicate balance of providing adequate and appropriate funding our award-winning school system, maintaining and improving our beautiful town and keep taxes at a stable rate. The Board of Finance is often faced with difficult decisions — especially with the increasing debt service from our high school renovation project and the need to play catch-up with the funding of our town and police pension funds. Bill is well prepared to continue to make thoughtful and intelligent decisions about our town budget and short- and long-term funding concerns.

Bill is the right choice because he fully understands a town-wide approach to fiscal responsibility. Bill’s daughter and son-in-law are both teachers and his granddaughter is a student in our public schools, so Bill understands the importance of adequately funding our school system. He is a business owner, so he understands that stable taxes are important to growing our grand list. He is an experienced town legislator, so he understands the balance of meeting the needs of our senior citizens while supporting our growing families. Bill is the only choice that will continue to make Trumbull a community of choice for all residents, not just a select few.

The voters of Trumbull spoke loud and clear in November when they elected the full Republican slate of candidates with a 70% majority. First Selectman Tim Herbst and his administration, as well as the Republican majority on the Town Council, Board of Finance and Board of Education are all doing an outstanding job. Electing Republican Bill Haberlin to the Board of Finance will allow Trumbull to keep moving forward in a positive manner and will lead to a stable and predictable financial future for our town.

Paul Lavoie, Chairman

Trumbull Republican

Town Committee