Letter — What is going on with Trumbull?

What is going on in Trumbull town government? Since when does a P&Z Chair not abide by the town's Code of Ethics?
An elected zoning official appears to have blatantly violated the town code of ethics and the silence is deafening. See section V (Treatment of the Public) and VI (Conflict of Interest). It is absurd to think elected officials would find it appropriate to handle the Moorefield Farms Development, LLC application in the manner in which it has been.
In this past Sunday's CT Post, Mr. Garrity claims he had no comment as to his handling of this application and would address to everyone's satisfaction at the next P&Z meeting on 2/20. It is unclear why Mr. Garrity chose to not comment for the interview and is delaying a response for nearly two weeks.
The newspaper also interviewed Matthew Reale. Mr. Reale is not only one of the three partners in the Moorefield Farms Development, LLC, but he is also is an elected member of Trumbull’s Zoning Board of Appeals committee. Mr. Reale states that opposition to this development project by Trumbull residents is fueled on politics. He claims this is just an opposing political party attempting to control responsible development. Claiming political injustice, Mr. Reale provides a convenient diversion to the facts that he has considerable financial interest in the Moorefield project. This is not a Republican versus Democrat disagreement. Residents of both parties watching these proceedings are appalled at the conflicts of interest and treatment of the public in this proposal's proceedings. The facts should be examined and not covered as some typical political issue. Mr. Reale claims in a statement in the same article that the current administration, the town and its residents are 'harmed' by questioning his proposal. We'd like to highlight who is actually 'harmed' and who benefits from his development proposal. One town land use board who has seen the proposed development appears to find his development very far from 'responsible' and actually harmful to the public. Review the Wetlands Commission proceedings to see the shoddy, non-compliant and incomplete plans this group put forward. They've made it clear they have no intent in complying with current engineering practices, building codes or zoning and watercourse regulations.
Trumbull and residents deserve more from their government and elected officials than threats and questionable dealings. Mr. Garrity and Mr. Reale would be mistaken if they think the criticism of their handling of this is political. Many of us have watched their handling of this from pre-application to the present date and are frankly outraged. We demand better than this from town government. We need town leaders to stand up for the public and hold political insiders accountable and to the rules.
Larry Barkman & Catherine Fair
Bob & Sarah Lally
Paul & Laurie Panettiere
Mark & Mary Ellen Pelley
Matt & Jill Seres