To the Editor:

Here we go again. Trumbull is about to repeat the same mistakes because we simply refuse to learn from our past. I had the pleasure of attending the public meeting at the senior center on Monday, April 11. The intent of the meeting was to clear up any misinformation and to answer questions from the audience. The meeting was well attended and the audience was armed with their questions. To what end? First Selectman Herbst said, "We're building a new center, it's happening. Some are not happy with it, but it's happening."

Why? Why is it certain to happen? Before we spend millions upon millions of dollars, why haven't our leaders asked the simple question, "What do the people of Trumbull want?" Do we want a new senior center? We don't know because no one asked us. Do we want a new community center? We don't know because no one asked us. Can we fix the current senior center? We do not know because no one has looked into it. Is this large expense where the people of Trumbull want to spend our tax dollars? We do not know because no one has asked us!

Mr. Herbst and his supporters have decided we are going to build a new building. According to his comments at this meeting, it will be a senior center during the day, and be available for town meetings at night. We will hire an architect and it will be their responsibility to find a proper site. Again we are not going about this in the correct order. We are asking an architectural firm to draw up building designs without taking into consideration what the people want. How can anyone draw up plans if we don't know what purpose it will serve? How can anyone chose a site if we don't know who will be coming? How can we ask a firm to draw up plans if we don't even know if the public wants this at all?

Let's start again. Let's do this right. Let's first find out what do the people of Trumbull want! Then we can address how to get it done.
Kathy Champion