Letter: We are Trumbull Public Schools

To the Editor:

Trumbull Public Schools have been debated in the news throughout the current town-wide campaign with much of the focus on what the First Selectman candidates offer based on their management experience and knowledge of our school system. We are both products of Trumbull Public Schools and recall with fondness many of our teachers, school activities, and the education that we received. When the quality of our educational system is criticized, we find it disheartening on a personal level. Experiencing the quality of Trumbull education first hand provided us with opportunities to receive undergraduate/graduate degrees and professional certifications, paved the way for us to have productive careers, and fostered a level of caring that encourages us to continue to give back to our community. We are Trumbull Public Schools! We recognize that the education we received is different from the education of today. Due to the quality of today’s school system, we both chose to raise our families in Trumbull. Our children are either attending Trumbull Public Schools or have graduated from THS. Opponents claim that today’s students are brighter, more advanced and seek to apply to more prestigious institutions of higher learning, but have fewer opportunities for success than we had. Having fewer opportunities is simply not true. Our children who have graduated from THS are attending or have graduated from prestigious and highly ranked universities. They are achieving a high level of success in the world today, thanks to the solid foundation afforded them by the Trumbull School system.

We want to continue our path forward and continue to offer superior educational opportunities to every Trumbull student. We are proud of the accomplishments of the Herbst administration including:

* Implementing full day kindergarten, setting the foundation for strong student performance in the formative years.

* Making comprehensive investments in classroom technology, investing in our future and moving toward quality 21st century techniques.

* Championing the reduction and eventual elimination of pay to participate fees.

* Leading the Trumbull First Selectman’s Golf Classic raising over $170,000 for student programs at THS.

* Starting the First Selectman’s Summer Reading Challenge, promoting literacy among our elementary students.

* Implementing safety policies and procedures at all schools to keep our children safe.

We embrace the realistic path forward for Trumbull as outlined by First Selectman Herbst and the Republican Team.

* Making all Trumbull Public School buildings energy efficient and taking energy savings realized to pay for capital upgrades.

* Implementing universal Pre-K, positioning Trumbull for a new era of educational excellence.

* Replacing all textbooks with computerized curriculum systems, making students technologically proficient while reducing costs.

* Increasing advanced placement course offerings at THS.

* Incorporating foreign languages into fourth and fifth grade curriculums so that Trumbull kids can compete in a global economy.

It’s not about “modest proposals,” it’s about responsible governing. Tim Herbst has done just that. He and the Republican Team are committed to continuing to do so with your support on Nov. 3.
Mark Block and Lori Rosasco Schwartz,
Town Council Candidates, District 3