Letter: Vicki Tesoro sets the example for leadership

To the Editor:

Undoubtedly, Mrs. Vicki Tesoro is the person Trumbull needs to bring back the town we once knew and loved.

Last year, my senior year at Trumbull High School, I had the privilege of working closely with Mrs. Tesoro as emcee of her TPAUD Forum. I have never seen someone as dedicated, humble, and organized as Mrs. Tesoro. When others attempted to acknowledge Mrs. Tesoro for her devotion, she modestly turned the attention back to the speakers and contributors for the evening.

However, Mrs. Tesoro is certainly not shy. As BOE student representative, I became close with Mrs. Tesoro and was able to see the reason why people gravitate towards this powerful woman. Mrs. Tesoro is a leader, and she has an endless reservoir of knowledge about Trumbull. Any time I had a question, Mrs. Tesoro explained the true, unbiased details.

Mrs. Tesoro is not a politician. She is a fellow Trumbull citizen, with outstanding values and a true care for our town. I know without a doubt that Mrs. Tesoro will continue pouring her heart into the Town of Trumbull, creating successes both small and large for its citizens.

The citizens of Trumbull need to say no to partisan politics, fear, and negativity. It is time to say yes to strong leadership, clarity in government, and dedication towards improvement. Trumbull, we need to open our eyes and realize we deserve better. It is imperative that you go to the polls Nov. 3 and demand better. Vote for Vicki Tesoro.
Emma Thornton