Letter: Vicki Tesoro is the right person for the job

To the Editor:

Vicki Tesoro doesn’t need the job of First Selectman…. she wants it.

She wants this job because she loves this town and has wanted to make a difference since she moved to Trumbull almost 25 years ago. She has the experience and leadership we want for our town. Although she is not, and has never been, employed by the town (except for a few years when she held a position as a paraprofessional at Tashua Elementary School), she has many years of experience serving our town as a volunteer.

‭Her illustrious career as a town volunteer began in Tashua Elementary School where she served as PTA President. From there she went on to become PTA President of Madison Middle School, followed by PTA President of Trumbull High School. In addition, she served as President of PTSA Council (which is represents the entire town) for two years. During her time as the THS PTSA President, she became acutely aware of the problem of underage drinking, and instead of just talking about it, Vicki set out to do something about it. She created the 9th Grade Underage Drinking Forum in which she is still actively involved as a volunteer today. This program is now part of the 9th Grade Health Curriculum.

‭Finally, for the last four years Vicki has represented the people of District 3 on the Town Council. She has worked tirelessly for things such as allowing for public comments at town meetings, and senior tax relief. During her four years she diligently labored to learn the workings of our town government in order to help make Trumbull a better place to live.

‭Vicki’s got the experience. Her only driving force to become First Selectman is her love of this town and the people in it. She simply wants to make Trumbull a better town for all who live here; where every voice can be heard no matter how small. Give yourself a chance to get to know Vicki by checking out her website at vickifortrumbull.com. Read what she has to say and you’ll be convinced that she is the right person for this job too.
Fran Pechtol