Letter: Vicki Tesoro is a proven leader

To the Editor:

On Nov. 3, I am voting for an exclamation point, not a question mark.

Our First Selectman has made it abundantly clear that he will be riding the next train to Hartford, leaving the town under the leadership of our Town Treasurer, John Ponzio. But what are Mr. Ponzio’s stances on public safety, education, services for our seniors and road repair? Since he is not running for first selectman, he hasn’t had to debate the issues, endorse a policy statement, or submit to public scrutiny. Knowing his positions on those issues is crucial if I am to cast an informed vote for the Republican ticket. Because the voters have no information, a vote for Mr. Herbst is a vote for a question mark.

Instead, I am casting my vote with an exclamation point. I can’t say anything in these pages about Vicki Tesoro that hasn’t already been said. Please see the dozens of already printed testimonials to her quality as a person and dedication as a public servant.

And then ask yourself why we should offer another term to a candidate who would already be in Hartford if he’d had his druthers. What will his replacement do to the town budget? Will he support a new senior center? What are his goals for the town? Does he have a philosophy of leadership? How does he relate to others? We simply don’t know.

On Nov. 3, I am casting my vote for the candidate in whom I can have confidence. Vicki wants to stay in Trumbull and lead it. She has a proven record. She is an exemplary citizen. She is the best candidate. Period.
Gregg Basbagill