Letter: Turn rhetoric to action

To the Editor:

With the recent election now behind us, I want to thank the residents of District 3 in particular, and those throughout Trumbull for their engagement in the political process these past months. I have no doubt we all have a love for Trumbull, whether a transplant or born and raised here as me. As a newly elected councilman from the District 3 I leave you with a simple proposition. Let's work together to make our mark on Trumbull, this will benefit our entire town; let's do our best to be respectful of all opinions, whether or not we agree; let's commit to improving the lives of our children and seniors, but let's not forget about ourselves as well. In short, let's turn rhetoric to action; let's make the negatives positives; let's be inclusive not exclusive; and let's enfranchise not disenfranchise. I am confident if we do that we will all find Trumbull to be an even more superb town than it already is. And after all, wouldn't that be a nice legacy to leave our children and grandchildren. I make this promise: I will be accessible, available and responsive as a councilman. I pledge to look at each issue individually and make the decision I believe is in the best interests of my district and our town. I hope you will work with me, your representatives and our town-wide office holders to do the same. From my family to yours, may you have a warm and peaceful Thanksgiving.
Mark Block,
District 3 Councilman-elect