Letter: Trumbull needs change

To the Editor:

I want change.

That’s an odd way to start off a letter, but it’s true.

I want change. I know Trumbull shouldn’t be like this.

Why does it seem like no one can speak their mind without the threat of getting sued or investigated by the town? I see people trying to be cautious on Trumbull Talks and Keep Trumbull Real, which are two Facebook groups meant for open and public discussions. I see people getting fired and when they want answers they don’t get any. I have seen the names of volunteers dragged through the mud for saying something on their mind.

At college, I am exposed to people from different towns. They mostly know about our town because of RENT. I told them about how supporters of TYA had to gather to show how it is a part of the town and needs to stay in the budget. Of course they were stunned about that. Same with the painting at the library.

As a town official said at the 2015 THS graduation, “political elections are now all about tearing someone down.” I witnessed that official do just that in these past few months. Another quote I treasured was that you are who you surround yourself with. To this day, I’m glad I have surrounded myself with people who view me as an equal, not as a pawn. I’ve learned that you can make a difference anywhere, no matter the upbringing. Where you grew up is fine, but where you chose to live matters just as much.

I felt that when I turned 18 I could be treated like an adult. I was glad I can make my voice finally heard. I went from being 17 and treated like a child to finally being treated as an adult. There is one candidate that promises to treat all ages equally. There is one candidate that hasn’t said a negative thing about anyone. There is one candidate that wants to make Trumbull better now, not in ten years. That’s why I, amongst others, will be voting for Vicki Tesoro in this election.
Nathan Clift