Letter: Trumbull needs Vicki Tesoro

To the Editor:

I first met Vicki Tesoro in July 2001 when we agreed to serve as Co-Presidents of the MMS PTA. She was on her way out of town on vacation and had arranged to stop by my home to give me some files so I could begin to familiarize myself with the PTA. We spoke for a few minutes during the exchange and I learned very quickly how devoted and passionate she was about doing her best for the Trumbull community. Not only was she delegating some responsibilities to me (she had already served one year) but explained to me what she hoped to get accomplished before she returned to Trumbull knowing that if we got certain things done during the early summer we would have a smoother school year.

In the ensuing 14 years of friendship and working together in various capacities I have come to learn how indicative of Vicki that moment was.  We had not met previously but her approach was to share whatever she could, assume responsibility for getting things done and devote herself fully to the job even when she should have been able to take time away.

Vicki is the most compassionate, concerned, respectful and devoted Trumbullite I know. In addition she is highly intelligent, selfless and patient. When I learned she was running for First Selectman I did not know whether to congratulate her or suggest a psychiatric evaluation but when I thought about it I realized that she is the perfect candidate. The qualities above make her the ideal leader for our community.

With Vicki in Town Hall Trumbull will thrive, all of our diverse goals and interests will receive equal attention and decisions will be made with as little political or selfish consideration as is possible. Trumbull needs Vicki Tesoro.
Joann Tyborowski