Letter: Trumbull Town Hall has a severe space problem

Trumbull Town Hall.
Trumbull Town Hall.

To the Editor:

The Town of Trumbull is facing a severe space problem at Town Hall. The computer center is cheek to jowl. It has been proposed that, in order to free up needed space at Town Hall, the Probate Court seek a new home. Presently, the Probate Court serves the towns of Trumbull, Easton, and Monroe. Several locations for the court have been suggested. One suggested site is the Senior Center on Priscilla Place. The cost of refitting the Senior Center for the Court is projected to be approximately $156,000; however, there has been opposition to this move from seniors who use the facility. The seniors believe that their activities and space will be curtailed by moving the Court to Priscilla Place.

A second proposal is the building of a new Recreational/Senior Center. This proposal will necessitate an increase in taxes and fails to immediately address the space problem at Town Hall.

A third solution has come from First Selectman Steve Vavrek of Monroe. As of the end of June, the Jockey Hollow Middle School in Monroe will be vacant. Selectman Vavreck has generously offered the use of this school for the Probate Court.

We strongly urge that First Selectman Herbst accept the kind offer of First Selectman Vavrek to move the Probate Court to Monroe. This solution addresses immediately the need for more space at the Town Hall and the needs of the Probate Court.
Robert and Margaret Cooney