Letter: Town is liable for crumbling Stern Village road with $1.27M available

To the Editor:
First Selectman Timothy Herbst emphatically stated that it was a priority for his administration and that he and the town's state delegation would make every effort to get state money to repair Hedgehog Circle which runs through Stern Village. The road connects the village with the town for emergency vehicles. The town, in a legal document, took on the responsibility to plow and maintain Hedgehog Circle. As a Stern Village tenant, founder and officer of the Stern Village Tenants' Association, Inc., I was given a copy of the official document by Town Attorney Walsh, representing the Town at a hearing.

The village road has been deteriorating for several years. The pot holes get bigger and deeper, the pavement breaks up and stones and pebbles are strewn all over the roadway and the walkways as well. It is a hazard, waiting for a tragedy to happen. Stern Village has been a walking community with residents walking in the road. Conditions are dangerous. I use a rolling walker due to a spinal condition and going over the stones and pebbles puts a strain on my hands, wrists, arms and back. Elderly residents don't want to risk tripping and falling, breaking a hip and getting pneumonia in the hospital, so they have given up on walking in the village. It is no less a mess to drive over.

The town has state money available to the tune of $1,269,808.96 in LoCIP (Local Capital Improvement Program) approved funding which Mr. Herbst is sitting on. The First Selectman professes to love the seniors in Trumbull. But seniors are on to his making promises at election time and then not living up to them. Other than wanting a new center to put his name on, Mr. Herbst is long on making promises but he is short on meeting the safety need of the elderly citizens in Trumbull. He is ignoring us, he has the money available to fix Hedgehog Circle and this is just another broken campaign promise, another abuse of the seniors in town.

Mr. Herbst, fix this road now!

Paul Littlefield