Letter: Town helped us prepare, find shelter for winter storm

To the Editor:

On Monday morning, Jan. 26, with a forecast of blizzard conditions and possible power outages, my wife and I began identifying places to go before the storm hit. My wife uses oxygen supplied by a machine powered by electricity. As she looked for motels with space, I went to the Town Hall to see what town resources might be available. Barbara Whetstone of the First Selectman’s office explained that all department heads were on a conference call with the state. However, she took my name and phone number and promised to have someone contact me when decisions were made.

Within an hour we received calls from the director of the Emergency Management commission, the town nurse and the director of the Senior Center. All three understood our situation and pledged to notify us as soon as a decision was made to open an emergency shelter. Shortly after we received word from all three that the Senior Center would be open as an emergency shelter. Soon we were safe and warm with backup electric power, if needed, and meals as well. In addition, there were many other Senior Center staff who stayed overnight, prepared to care for more citizens in the event of power failures.

Our thanks and appreciation for the teamwork and professionalism of all town employees involved. We are grateful to be residents of Trumbull.

Carole and Craig Bonnett