Letter: Town Council minority reviews May meeting

To the Editor:

The May 2nd Town Council (TC) meeting was brief and all of the items on the agenda were voted on unanimously.

The minority members of the TC supported the application for the Long Hill Green improvements under the Main Street Investment Fund. We believe that both economic development and pedestrian access work together to enhance our community. For those who drive by or live nearby, the improvements are designed to encourage motorists and residents to patronize businesses as well as to have a welcoming public space. We hope that in the future the Office of the Economic Development will aggressively pursue grant money to help fund ongoing improvements to the satisfaction of residents and businesses.

Another item on the agenda was the authorization to accept five pieces or parcels of land along RT 25, also known as the Colonial Henry Mucci Highway. The land had originally been acquired by the State during the construction of the high way. The use of this land is dictated by Public Act which states that parcels have to remain for open space and recreational use and could only be changed via the Connecticut State Legislature.

Lastly, the TC recognized the success of the Trumbull High School We the People Team who recently placed 8th in the country. A representative group of students and their teacher/advisor, Katie Boland, spoke about their experiences, post-high school plans, and the variety of funding sources that enabled the team’s success. We feel that as Trumbull’s greatest asset and public image, our school system and the work of our teachers and students, must regularly be acknowledged. It’s unfortunate though that a mixed and sometimes hostile message was communicated during budget negotiations. Unnecessary conflict, negative attitudes and political stress expressed by elected officials all impact morale and undermine the respect for the accomplishments that happen every day. We all had received dozens of letters from the community in support of sufficient funding to ensure that our large school system remains competitive for current students and desirable to prospective home buyers. It is important for the community to be mindful that teachers, such as Katie Boland, quietly go above and beyond to provide students with exceptional learning opportunities outside of the classroom. This not only benefits our young people, but also positively promotes our town in county, state, and national competitions throughout the year.
Dawn Cantafio, District 1
Bill Mecca, District 1
Mary Beth Thorton, District 2
Tom Whitmoyer, District 2
Lisa Valenti, District 3
Jason Marsh, District 4