Letter — Toll resolution marked by listening, thoughtful discussion

Jason Marsh
Jason Marsh

To the Editor:
While the “Letters to the Editors” forum is often used to point fingers, swipe at those on the other side of the aisle and highlight perceived negatives, I am extremely happy to call attention to a recent positive coming out of the Town Council.

I am speaking specifically of our March 4th meeting, during which the council passed Resolution TC27-159 issuing an “official” statement on the current proposals out of the state legislature regarding tolls. I bracket “official” because, as I made clear in my remarks during both the Legislative and Administration Committee and full council meetings, the Town Council has no ability to enact law or policy at either the state or federal level. Be that as it may, in recognition of the Trumbull community’s keen interest in this issue, and out of respect for our Republican colleagues who introduced the resolution, it was brought to the council floor for consideration.
In years past, when a similar resolution was introduced, discussion quickly devolved into a partisan debate. Passions were inflamed and tempers short.
However, at Monday’s meeting, something different occurred. People actually listened to one another. Thoughtful amendments to the resolution were proposed on the floor by both Democratic and Republican Council members, and after much discussion, Resolution TC27-159 passed by an overwhelming majority. While it may have differed from each caucus’ initial vision, the Council was able to put aside partisan prejudices and come together in the spirit of cooperation and compromise for the benefit of all Trumbull residents.
I would like to thank Chairman Thornton for including Mr. Massaro’s original resolution on the agenda, and each Council member for their efforts at Monday’s meeting. It is my sincere hope this becomes the norm rather than the exception.
Jason Marsh, majority leader