Letter: The foundation has been set down, let us build upon it

To the Editor:

Trumbull has a choice once again on Nov. 3. I have heard a few people call for change, yet, I have to wonder- change from what? a change to what?  I recall the nearly 60% tax increases under the prior Democratic administration as well as the cronyism. One has to wonder what these people are thinking.

In the past nearly six years, taxes have become stable, and the Herbst team has accomplished more with our tax dollars. Implementing full-day kindergarten is one particularly meaningful accomplishment. The renewal of many of our older buildings including windows at Middlebrook, repairing structural issues at Madison, parking lot paving at Hillcrest are a few more accomplishments. The Herbst administration has been successful getting town government and Board of Education to work together on projects for the betterment of the town and to get better value for our tax dollar. Tim has demonstrated that working together we can do more, accomplish more with better value.

The last six years have been interesting weather wise – early snows, blizzards, a tornado, hurricanes and an earthquake! Tim has been on top of it all keeping our citizens safe, making sure sites for shelter were available, spreading important information. He has handled emergencies unbelievably well. Safety, security are one of his goals for all Trumbull, with concern for the elderly and the children always at the top.

On Nov. 3, vote Row B to keep the momentum going – lower taxes, better schools, expanding economic development. The foundation has been set down, let us build upon it.
Suzanne Burr Monaco,
Town of Trumbull, Town Clerk