Letter: Thank you, Councilwoman Evangelista

To the Editor:

I wanted to publicly thank District 4 Councilwoman Ann Marie Evangelista.

There are times, during any council meeting, on some issues, that letting your vote speak for you is ok. There are times when a brief explanation for your vote ahead of time is appropriate. Then there are the times when standing up and fighting for your constituents until that moment you vote, and sometimes afterwards, is the thing to do.

Mrs. Evangelista did that this week. She used her voice to be “the” voice. That is what her constituents needed. They needed to hear the passion; they needed to know, without question, that the person who pledged to serve and speak for them was living up to her obligations and not someone else’s agenda. They needed someone to look them in the eye and know that they were being heard.

It’s easy to be drawn into the “party thing”; it’s quieter and it doesn’t rock the boat. It’s definitely less stressful to go along and get along. But when that thing decides their agenda and their need to be right is more important; when they spend all their time justifying instead of listening and considering the fact they may be wrong, it might be time to stand up in that boat and jump up and down.

Ann Marie is willing to do that. She’s willing to do what is right; she is willing to do as she promised. She’s unselfish and knows it’s not about her. She is not looking for a pat on the back, or to move up in the ranks. She just wants to do what is right and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes an excellent public servant.
Cindy Penkoff