Letter: Tesoro is tireless, committed, proven

“Positive, forward-thinking, consensus-building, transparent, and civil.” Those are words I heard Vicki Tesoro use to describe her 2017 campaign for Trumbull First Selectman. I do want those characteristics in a First Selectman, but I want more than that. I want a First Selectman whom I can trust to lead and champion the whole Trumbull community. And Vicki Tesoro is someone I trust to do just that.

Having known Vicki for the past 16 years, I first met her when I was a new PTA President. Working with Vicki has been a lesson in civic engagement and leadership. Vicki led the Trumbull PTA Council in fighting for responsible investments in programs for all of Trumbull’s kids. She was an informed and persistent voice at BOE meetings, Town Council meetings, and Board of Finance budget hearings. Vicki would ask the tough questions on behalf of our town's students and citizens, expecting results and answers. I loved working with Vicki, because her expectations were high, but she had the work ethic and determination to meet them. Her tireless hard work inspired everyone around her to put forth their own best efforts, in order to best serve our community and its children.

It’s easy to take a breather from volunteerism once your kids graduate. But instead of scaling back, Vicki took her commitment to the town to the next level: she served on both the Town Council and the Board of Finance, further dedicating herself to serving all of the members of our community. I want a First Selectman with a proven track record of caring about and working for all of Trumbull’s citizens, someone I can trust. That is why I am supporting Vicki Tesoro for First Selectman.