Letter: Tesoro is the leader Trumbull needs

My husband and I chose to move our family to this town because Trumbull is a wonderful town filled with great people, parks and schools. But what has been lacking in town for the past several years is a government that builds consensus and brings together residents through our common love for the place we proudly call home.

While our nation is deeply divided, the issues that we care about in Trumbull don’t have to be a source of division. This is why in November, we need to elect a first selectman who is positive and enthusiastic about working with everyone, even those who disagree with them.

That person is Vicki Tesoro.

A 20-year resident of Trumbull, Vicki and her husband Tom have raised two daughters here, both of whom graduated from Trumbull public schools. She has decades of experience in the financial industry as a tax fiduciary and individual tax consultant. She is a dedicated public servant and community volunteer, having served on the PTSA for years where she developed a model program on teen drug and alcohol prevention.

Vicki is a true advocate of public education and is committed to improving our schools through expanded AP offerings, a greater emphasis on life skills, and a plan to renovate school facilities over the next decade.

Having served as a Town Council member and currently serving on the Board of Finance, she has the knowledge and experience to run a town government efficiently and effectively. She is a common sense leader committed to ensuring that Trumbull meets the needs of every generation, from young families like mine to our seniors.

In her first term, Vicki is committed to ending the practice of wasteful spending on excessive lawyer fees and prohibiting long-term six-figure contracts for senior municipal employees. She will oppose proposals to charge fees for use of our parks and facilities as well as a new tax on garbage pickup being discussed by the current leadership.

Vicki will protect the character of our town by safeguarding valuable properties that are now at risk of being sold to the highest bidder, and aim to return the town to seven voting districts in order to boost turnout in local elections, reduce wait time and ensure voting is convenient for all citizens.

Vicki’s campaign slogan is simple – we as a town are better together. We are better when people of all political affiliations, generations, and backgrounds are on the same team.

Trumbull needs a leader that represents the best in all of us and sets a new and much needed tone of civility in 2017.

Vicki Tesoro is the leader Trumbull needs to move forward.