Letter: Support Bill Haberlin July 22

To the Editor:

As the chairman of the Trumbull Town Council, I am proud to offer my support to Bill Haberlin, the Republican candidate for the Trumbull Board of Finance. The special election will be on July 22 and it is critical that all Trumbullites understand what is at stake and why it is important for Bill to be elected.

I have been a member of the Trumbull Town Council for 13 years, the last five as chairman. I have presided over meetings and public hearings where there has been a very vocal minority that has advocated for higher taxes and increased spending at every turn. Republicans have been the firewall to stabilize property taxes, budget responsibly and ensure that there is accountability with how the taxpayers’ money is being spent.

The key to a strong town is providing appropriate balance and understanding that we must fund not only education, but public safety, pensions, infrastructure and also budget for appropriate senior citizen tax relief. The Herbst administration and Trumbull Republicans have applied that balance and as a result, the town has never been stronger from a financial, educational and quality of life standpoint. Our pension fund has improved, property taxes have stabilized and the Town’s credit ratings were recently upgraded. If you want an honest assessment of the town’s fiscal management, just read the positive reports from financial rating agencies like Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poors. Our school system is earning state and national recognition. Trumbull has turned the corner and we cannot afford to turn back the clock.

I remember in 2008, when Mr. Herbst’s predecessor proposed an 11.6% tax increase. I remember cramming into Madison Middle School as 800 angry residents voiced their absolute displeasure with the out of control taxation and spending. I remember the few that spoke in favor of that proposed increase and one of those people was Mr. Haberlin’s opponent. A year later, Trumbull taxpayers decided it was time for a change and by every measure, I firmly believe they are pleased with the change they have made.

We do not need to return to the days of 6% tax increases, excessive borrowing and out of control spending. Mr. Haberlin was appointed to the Board of Finance by First Selectman Herbst because he has all the essential qualities to be an outstanding Board of Finance member. He is a small business owner, a dedicated community volunteer, an individual who has served in government, a dedicated father and grandfather who understands the critical importance of providing appropriate balance. This is the single biggest difference between Mr. Haberlin and his Democratic opponent. He will work with the Herbst administration to continue moving Trumbull forward in a positive direction. I am asking all Trumbullites to join me in supporting Bill Haberlin on July 22.

Carl A. Massaro

Chairman, Town Council