Letter: Stop ... just stop!

To the Editor:

An open letter to the politicians in the Town of Trumbull:

I have had the privilege of living in quite a few towns and working in quite a few others. I have lived in Albany, NY, as well as Shelton and Bridgeport. I have worked in Norwalk, Westport, Milford and Fairfield. While I admit, I am not well versed on all issues in all towns, I do my best to try and stay on top of major town issues.

I belong to local Facebook groups which help to keep me up to date on the pulse of the town and major issues that are going on. Yes, like many people, I use social media to help myself stay informed.

Never in my life have I see grown adults behave so poorly – adults on both sides of the aisle. I am embarrassed for the mockery our town is becoming. My colleagues comment to me all the time about the ridiculousness of our political landscape. How any of the politicians in town can consider themselves role models for our youth is the question I ask myself everyday.

I moved to Trumbull for many reasons. One of those reasons was community. I am thankful everyday for my neighborhood, my amazing neighbors and the many townspeople I have met through social media and my children’s school. What disgusts me is the way that people can treat other when they hide behind their computers.

Again, I know the issues are important – but isn’t common decency, respect and kindness important? How people can leave a trail on social media of the horrid things they say to one another baffles me! It is the internet — it does not go away. As a teacher, I try to instill that thought in my students everyday. Your digital footprint follows you everywhere and is one of the most valuable intangible assets you have. Some of the footprints being left in this town are shameful.

Is it really that hard to be kind? Why can’t we remember that we all want the same thing? Why can’t we work together for a common goal instead of tearing one another down? Why can’t we support each other instead of pitting people against one another? Why can’t we talk to one another without spite or malice?

I love many things about this town but until the nastiness that stems from the politics in this town changes — there will remain a big black cloud over Trumbull.
Stacey Delmhorst