To the Editor:

Recent events have made me question why Timothy Herbst has appointed Mark Smith to Trumbull’s Economic and Community Development Commission. Mr. Smith’s comments on a topic in the Trumbull Talks group on Facebook about education funding insinuated that parents of children in the Trumbull Public School system were uninvolved, uninformed, and treated the school system as their “public child care.”

Other comments made during the election season in the Keep Trumbull Real group encouraged one young voter to “be out chasing girls, drinking beer and having fun.” When commenters objected to this, he called them “over-protective.”

My wife and I, along with many of our peers are very involved in our children's education, help with homework, stay on top of studying, monitor what our kids do during their free time, etc. We volunteer in the schools and participate in the Fathers Club and PTA. Due to lack of town funds, we donate needed supplies to our children's classrooms. It is patently absurd of Smith to insinuate otherwise, especially since he has no children in the school system.

The mission of the Economic and Community Development Commission is to service and strengthen the town's economic base. I believe encouraging a school system that produces top-notch students would help achieve this. Appointing a Commission member whose public comments belittle parents and encourage underage drinking is counter to this initiative. Mr. Smith’s comments show that he has a habit of speaking out of turn from an uninformed point of view. If he holds these comments out in public as a reflection of his belief system, Mr. Smith will not be an asset to the Economic and Community Development Commission, and he should never have been appointed by Timothy Herbst.
Eric Paulson