Letter — Slow down this runaway train

Editor's Note — This letter was submitted as a response to a statement
from First Selectman Vicki Tesoro regarding multi-family housing
developments in town. Read Tesoro's statement here.

To the Editor:

Nothing in the statement was new information, except the "bump outs' vs Den and the Glastonbury comparison which I do not believe is a comparison.

Fairfield County has a density and is a destination for residents, especially those with school age children, that is unequal to other areas of the state. And leaders that rely more on reports than they do their guts and their eyes should re-evaluate their positioning.

"Bump Outs" are additional space. And a mom or dad looking to stay in Trumbull or come to Trumbull, will use it as a sleeping area. Even if not, a pull out sofa in the LR will do. Especially if that 1BR is a better fit for the budget than the 2BR is. I have these conversations with single parents all the time. Especially newly single parents or young couples with one child.

As a Board of Finance member has said about the following statement, “our school system today has over 300 students fewer than the peak years here in Trumbull." Is this when we had school in the trailers that no longer exist? What is the apples to apples comparison when you back them out of the equation?

Then there is the prediction of student count going down. I've never been a big believer in those reports every year and most years we find we need to add teachers some place.

Trumbull is a town that attracts young families. Many of which would love to live in Fairfield but can not afford to do so. Trumbull becomes a very attractive choice as they get more bang for their buck and a great school system. Whether they currently have children or are planning on doing so. Ask any realtor in town, they will tell you what sells Trumbull.

So again, I ask for 2 things.

1) do not approve any more projects until the 1st is up and running and we can evaluate how it will affect our town as a whole. It is not the residents fault that a 600 unit sweeping proclamation was given in such an irresponsible manner. It should have been done on a step by step basis. And while the owners of the property have the right to propose anything they like, we do not have to give in to those request until we have a full understanding of the consequences. Because it is the consequences we all will be paying for.

2) The rules for renter occupancy must be rewritten to allow for a specific number of occupants per square footage. Trumbull should also adopt an inspection/CO policy as Fairfield has done. $25 or $50 per Landlord per unit, for the inspection and certification in between each tenant in each unit is not a lot to ask and guarantees everyone is playing by the rules.

Slow down this runaway train and let it rest a while. You want to put our town and it's residents first? Prove it.
Cindy Penkoff