Letter: Shame on the town for ignoring Stern Village roads

To the Editor:

On Monday, residents of Stern Village were informed that the Village roads could not be paved for at least a year. How short-sighted is that?

We are a community of wheelchairs, walkers and canes. In the past few months several injuries have been sustained by residents including a broken wrist and a broken foot. These injuries were direct results of the dangerously poor road conditions in Stern Village. The law of averages dictates that one day, one of us will be so badly hurt that the ensuing legal action will take infinitely more from the Town of Trumbull’s coffers than a simple paving of the roads here. By then, it will be too late for us and too late for the Town.

Why are senior citizens always last on the To-Do list? Shame on you, Trumbull.

Patricia Lungi