Letter: Scinto's ivory tower

To the Editor:

On March 31, Town Councilman Tony Scinto decided that it was OK to belittle and berate the town volunteers that are our PTA and PTSA, specifically calling our amazing PTSA president a “head-henchman” and claiming to have stockpiled a year's worth of articles and news clippings to prove out the terrible nature of these volunteers. These are Trumbull citizens and taxpayers, but even more so, they are parents simply trying to do their job of advocating for our children’s education and the betterment of our public school system.  A school system, I might add, that continually sees the requested budget slashed and cut annually for reasons that I cannot fathom. These budget requests are not asking for spa-like atmospheres for teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators either. They are simply asking for an investment in bettering our schools in everything from infrastructure to technology to professional development.

I congratulate Mr. Scinto on his personal assessment of our public school system, his opinion about our parents and volunteers in this town, and his ability to send one of his children to a $50K per semester private school (based on his profile for his campaign last year).

However, most of us cannot afford to do this so we must work and fight for the enrichment of the Trumbull public school system. I for one hope that Mr. Scinto publicly apologizes to our PTSA president, that more volunteers get involved in the PTA, and that more parents write letters to our, Board of Education, and newspapers.

So many, in fact, that Mr. Scinto’s ivory tower has no room to store them all.
Darren Francis