Letter: Removal of Main Street billboards a massive feat

To the Editor:

I am so thrilled that the deteriorating billboards on Main Street in the Long Hill section of Trumbull were finally removed this week.

My father, Nick Clericuzio, is the owner of Long Hill Hair Stylists on 6202 Main Street, located directly across the street from the billboards. He had been annoyed and frustrated at seeing these eyesores every day for two years after the billboards no longer displayed advertisements and were abandoned.

In July, my father wrote to the editor expressing his extreme displeasure about the billboards.  He asked that immediate action take place to take down the blighted structures.  He fought for two years to have them taken down. He is now so happy that his efforts paid off.

As a long time business owner and resident of Trumbull, my father is very proud of this town, as well as I am. We are very pleased and supportive of the new business and residential developments currently taking place in Trumbull, as well as all the beautification efforts.  These decrepit billboards, of course, did not fit in with that plan.

We would like to thank the Town Council and all the town officials involved whose efforts made the removal of the billboards possible.  A special thanks goes out to Mark Block, member of the Trumbull Ethics Commission, for informing us that the structures would finally be taken down.

Rocco Clericuzio