Letter: Relocation dependent on town government’s ability to listen

To the Editor:

It's ironic to hear the argument the local government is making to close and relocate the Senior Center, because it's the same one made by Nichols residents when they opposed its construction back in the early 1980s.

Your readers, who may not have been living in Trumbull at the time, might want to know the outrage Nichols residents had when town officials suggested closing their neighborhood elementary school to build a town senior center.

The town government predicted, at the time, it would be used mostly by Nichols residents. Nichols residents disagreed with that premise and pleaded to keep the school open. Subsequently, the town has had to build a new elementary school and is now admitting the senior center is not conveniently located to those who use it.

If the town government had listened to its residents in the first place, we wouldn't have this problem today.   

Tom Pieragostini