Letter: Please support a cleaner trail, urge town to put up bins

To the Editor:

Just past the busy intersection of Daniels Farm and Church Hill Roads, nestled quietly behind homes and tall oaks, lie acres of open space known as the Pequonnock Valley State Park. This park’s trail head, on Tait Road, would be easily missed if it were not for the runners, bikers, and dog-walkers making their way in.

Once there, a newcomer might be taken by how beautiful a place this is. If one were inclined to embrace those surroundings unencumbered by earbuds, you’d be hearing the rush of a pristine river and the calls of wood thrushes. You’d ponder what those who rode the train in this place more than 135 years before had looked forward to, as they made their way to Parlor Rock Amusement Park, for a day in the countryside. You might think, ‘How lucky I am to live so close to this phenomenal resource.’ And you’d be right.

However, the reason for my letter today is not a reminder to appreciate this gem in our neighborhood; rather, it’s an entreaty to all who use the park. Please do not litter there. Don’t leave your bottles and coffee cups. If you pick up after your dog, don’t leave the bag on the trail for others to step on. Dirty diapers, food bags, and beer cans don’t belong here either.

If you’re offended by those who do leave this kind of rubbish on the nature trail, then join me in asking the town to put up trash and recycling bins. Picking up after pets and taking your trash out with you should be common sense, but we need signage directing individuals to do just that. As the trail is extended down to the Ferry Dock in Bridgeport, the town may be compelled by the state to provide basics such as those I’ve mentioned here. Please come to the meeting at Town Hall on Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. to ensure that the Parks & Recreation Department hears from you, fellow town citizens, that doing this should not be a requirement of the state, but just the right thing to do, and immediately.

Pamela Roman