Letter: Planners need to drive around town and see Trumbull’s parking overflow

To the Editor:

P&Z's revising the parking formula is too late.

The new developments and businesses on Madison and upper Main are already handicapped.  When I queried a former P&Z member about The Edge fiasco the answer was, "they met all the requirements."  

It appears to me that in its eagerness to add to the grand list, the administration forgot about good old common sense.

Pass by "The Sitting Duck" on Madison at lunch or the evening. The lot is virtually full and none of the other businesses are open yet.

The new "Mex On Main" built on Marissa's overflow lot has maybe 15 slots for cars. Where does their overflow go?

Lastly, it was always difficult to park for Franco Gianni's. Now, with apartments and three other businesses there, it becomes impossible.

My advice to the P&Z members, think for yourself and get out and drive around town a bit!
Ron Rubano