Letter: Obligated to Trumbull taxpayers in short, long term

To the Editor:

As a current Board of Finance member, I understand our obligation to taxpayers to spend their money wisely, allocating available resources to provide for the short and long-term needs of Trumbull.

Our budget needs to be re-evaluated and reprioritized every year to control the tax burden while ensuring Trumbull remains a family-centered community for all age groups, public safety is a priority, our schools remain strong, and the residential character of Trumbull is preserved while offering avenues for growth and development in our commercial base.

Active participation in the budget process for ten years led me to develop an appreciation for the role of the Board of Finance and the disconnect within our community.

To help foster constructive dialogue and community engagement, I helped to create the PTSA Council’s “The ABC’s of the Trumbull Education Budget.” This has given me a deep understanding of the largest part of our town budget beyond bottom line dollar to its translation into the classroom experience, as well as perspective for balancing those needs within the entire town budget.

Vicki Tesoro and the candidates on Row A are committed to seeing Trumbull prosper and be a community offering exceptional value to young families and seniors alike. I am proud to run on her ticket and respectfully ask for your vote on Nov. 3. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard, come to meetings prepared, listen to input from all residents, and conduct myself in a manner worthy of your trust and respect.
Lainie McHugh,
Board of Finance candidate